Houde, tu m’as fait rire

Louis-José Houde gives finale show during Nuit Blanche

by Audrey Meubus

On Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, Quebecois comedian Louis-José Houde gave the last laughs of his show “Suivre La Parade”, that has been touring Quebec for the past two years.

After 412 shows across the province, Louis-José pulled all the stops to deliver a memorable finale at the St-Denis Theater for all of his fans.
To ensure that the theater would be packed for his last show (and also to cut down on advertising costs), tickets were only sold online through his fan club.

With the theater filled to capacity and the audience already laughing to projected clips from Houde’s infamous video logs (available on his website), opening act, Philippe Bond, had no trouble setting the mood with anecdotes of Park Safari with his nephews and shoplifting in grocery stores.

For those who may not be familiar with Houde’s humour, it is important to say that to truly experience and understand his jokes and anecdotes, one must pay particular attention to how he tells them. His facial expressions, his intonation and his expressions set him apart from other humourists.

The first half of his show was filled with lighthearted anecdotes of things that have gone wrong for him, a catastrophic trip to Guadeloupe and his hatred for disposable slippers.

The second half opened unexpectedly with Houde at his drum set, ready to rock with his stage crew on bass and guitar for about half an hour.
After this unannounced musical interlude, the show slipped into a slightly more serious tone, with stories of his parent’s separation, helping his girlfriend through an abortion and dealing with a breakup. Although the subject matter was heavier than the first half, Houde still managed to provoke incessant laughter from his audience.

“I think the real secret to his shows is how he interacts with his audience,” said Kayla Pieciatis, a fourth semester Health Science student at Vanier who has followed Houde’s  shows for several years, “I’ve seen him three times already and he does something new every time.”
The show came to an end after Houde spoke lovingly of his parents, his fans and all those involved in putting together his tour. His parting words to us were,

“My grandfather had my father when he was 25, my father had me when he was 20, now I’m in my thirties…and I’m just trying to follow the parade.”

And with that, “Suivre La Parade” came to an end with the crowd on their feet, cheering and disappointed that it had to come to an end.


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