Electro at Old Port

Dj’s takeover the Old Port in Nuit Blanche electro show

by Ashley Couillard

Last Saturday night, Nuit Blanche held a numerous amount of activities including one called Les soirées électro AXA – AXA Sphere which was held in the old port of Montreal.

Despite the late start DJ Hatchmatik and VJ The Cameron Brothers did not waste anytime once they got started. They continued DJing until midnight and were then followed by another series of DJ’s.
This event was supposed to have a big sphere so people would recognize where it is and know where to go, but this year the sphere was absent. It was just a series of blue and green lights with a small rounded shape dance floor that could only fit about 100 people. Most people had to ask the information desk where it was located. As the music started people were a little thrown off as the music wasn’t that great and wasn’t really something you could dance to. Even though the music was horrible for the first hour people still tried to have fun by dancing with their friends and having quite a few drinks. Beer was being sold for about $4.50 and coffee for about $2.21.

Around 11 o’clock, the music got better and the crowd got wilder. People moved from the tiny circle dance floor to the main stage where the Dj’s were playing live. Songs that were being played were more recognizable to the younger audience. Songs such as “Sexy Bitch” and “Bad Romance” were being re-mixed into something that got the crowd going. As the beats got more intense the crowd would jump up and down non stop. During the course of the night some teenagers went crowd surfing and some even went as far as wheelchair surfing.

The later it got, the more people would show up. There were over a thousand people that would come in and out of the crowd. People were being shoved right to left trying to dance their way through the night. Even though this event was held outside in the crisp winter air, it wasn’t cold. Some people had their coats, mittens and hats off and were only wearing their short sleeve shirts. The body heat kept everyone warm.
Overall, the music was decent but could have been better. The atmosphere was great and the people kept you warm which was needed since it is still winter in Montreal.


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