Argentina vs UK redux

Conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom rages on

by Ashley Couillard

The British oil exploration company Desire Petroleum PLC drilled holes in the Falkland Islands on Sunday, sparking more debate between the UK and Argentina, who have been in contention for possession of the islands for over thirty years.
“The well is being drilled to an estimated target depth of circa 3,500 meters,” the company said to the London press. The estimation of oil that will be put beneath the seabed around the South Atlantic is 60 billion barrels.
Tensions following Britain’s excavation of the Falklands oil reserves were further heightened by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez making it mandatory for all ships passing through Argentina’s waters to reach the Falklands must be granted permission to do so.
Britain has rejected Argentina’s objections because they say that what they’re doing is within the international law. “British sovereignty in respect of the Falklands is absolutely clear in international law […] There is no question about it,” British foreign secretary David Miliband said in London to Adria Croft and Keith Weir from the Gazette.
According to the Associated Press, “Legislator Andrew Rosindell, secretary of the parliamentary committee dealing with the Falklands, said it would be dangerous to ignore Argentina’s stance.” The The “Rio Group” of Latin American leads met in Mexico to discuss Argentina’s demands to stop the drilling around the Falklands.
This dates back to over 30 years ago. Argentina used to own the Falkland Islands since Britain established its rule in the 19 century, but in 1982 Argentina invaded them and began a two month war. They fought over who should own the islands and it ended up with Britain regaining control of the islands. ­­

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