Green execution

Five trees around campus will be cut down for security purposes

by Alexandra Giubelli

Last Monday, Dawson’s administration announced that five trees around the campus will have to be cut down during the study break, from March 15 to March 19, for security reasons.
Three of those centennial trees are situated at Dawson’s front gate on Sherbrooke Street and the other two are located in front of the Daycare and on the West lawn. These trees were in an advance stage of decay and some of the  limbs were being held together by wires.
“The trees were old and sick. These are big trees that can cause damage. They were dangerous for students as some of the branches are as big as a tree,” Mario Laccitiello, Coordinator at the Plant and Facilities said.
Although many trees were in a terrible condition, only these five will be cut down as the others will carefully be taken care of by the Dawson’s expert.
“It’s a routine process. We inspected the trees every year just to make sure. This year, our experts looked at them and decided that those five were unsalvageable. After that, we had to have the approbation of Westmount’s city tree inspectors. It’s them who decide if we cut [the trees] or not,” Laccitiello said.
Once the damaged trees are cut, Laccitiello said that they will be replaced by new and healthy ones, maybe even becoming a part of the Peace Garden.
“I am not an expert but I’ve been told that those trees were over a 100 years. They did their time,” Laccitiello said.
“I thinks it’s a nice idea because the trees [were] dangerous for students and if the branches fell on somebody’s head, then they are really going to care.  If they are doing a garden, I’ll definitly go when there’s no more snow ouside,” second semester  Cinema, Video and Communications student Patricia Granato said.
“It’s a good thing they are doing this and not cutting them for recreational purpose. It’s even better if they are replacing them with younger, better looking trees. It will be much  nicer outside at the front gate.” Jonathan Bosco, a second semester  Cinema, Video and Communications student said.


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