Comical Dawson

Comedians perform at Conrod’s

by Chloe Nudo

Comedians Guido Cocomello and Andrew Searles performed at Conrod’s comedy show last Thursday at 12 p.m. as part of Black History Month.
The comedians drew in a big group of students, some staff, and many people who were passing by, as there was a Food Fair on the other side.
“They organize these things well,” Cocomello said.
He started his comedy piece after MC Eddy King warmed up the crowd with topics of current events like Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and the Olympics.
King joked about how much hype there is about Valentine’s Day and how Black History Month is sometimes in the background.
“Oh shit I forgot I’m black,” he said in response to people forgetting about Black History Month.
Cocomello started his act by talking about different CEGEPs and stereotypes. He congratulated students for choosing Dawson as he seemed to think it was a better school than others.
“I went to Vanier [and] I didn’t learn anything,” Cocomello said.
When Andrew Searles came on stage he seemed nervous and initially had difficulty getting the crowd’s attention.
“When he got comfortable with the crowd, the crowd loosened up to him,” fourth semester North South Studies student Traci Silva said.
“He was able to connect with the audience, and his jokes were aimed at the diverse body of Dawson College students,” she added.
“I’ve seen other schools try to do it, but here it was the best organized,” Cocomello said, adding that he felt more people participated than other schools and felt a good school spirit.
“It’s really good,” said second semester Computer Science student Bothy Yun said. “No one was paying attention at first but now they are.”
“It was a fun event. It helped me loosen up after a stressful morning and Dawson should definitely hold more of these events,” fifth semester Commerce student Jason Pietracupa said.


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