Zodiac on Trial

by Chris Sammons

Huge Emo-baby Cancer…Those are the people born between June 22 and July 22. Having deeply emotional and sensitive natures, their first true love is of home and family. When hurt or disappointed, they will retreat into their dark corners, literally acting like the definition of “baby,” and become unreachable for a certain amount of time. The definition of cancer is “I feel,” meaning they feel not only their emotions, but have the imagination and intuition to feel yours as well; making them natural empathy. Ah yes, they are also collectors of things, due to their strong emotional ties to the past so if you know a collector of something, he/she is probably a Cancer! 

The positive: Deep need to care for others (if you need someone to care about you for a lifetime, go to Cancer. They may appear cool and confident on the outside, but they have the emotions on the inside to care about you forever), Nurturing (that’s why we call them the “mothers” of the zodiac), insightful, sentimental and focused on home and family, protective and defending. 
The negative: Overly sensitive to slights, become moody, sulky and irritable for no apparent reason, even if you are having an amazing time with them, brood about things forever, to cautious and grudge holding babies with sharp tongues when provoked. The expression “baboune” in French fits this sign perfectly.  

Questions, comments, email me at chris_90sports@hotmail.com!


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