Word in the Herd

If you were to  become a famous porn star overnight, what would you name yourself?

+ editor responses

“Pussy Menage.”
Catherine M-V – Second Semester – North South Studies
I could see you now. Dressed in knee-high leather boots and seductive lace.
You could dominate me anytime!
“The Jizza!”
Sim – Fourth Semester – Law & Society
Look out here comes The Jizza. Good job, you’re about as impressive as a heart attack. Stop thinking that you can cum a liter and get a fucking girlfriend so that she can remind you how infirtile you really are.
Chastity, because it would give me some of that innocent appeal.”
Olivia B. – Fourth Semester – Arts & Culture
Oooooo! we’ve got a tight one here. The only thing that your innocence is going to give you is giant glob of man mayonnaise smeared across Peewee Herman’s keyboard. You should star in a super-hero porno wearing tights and a belt with a giant key-hole take a massive key and screw it.
“Sticky Fingers.”
Emily – Second Semester – Health Science
I think I know why you enrolled in health science. You can’t wait to get your filthy hands on some baby gravy. What would your momma say?
“Titty lick-em.”
Katherine M. – First Semester – General Social Science
I almost feel sorry for you. Although i’m not surprised by the amount of horny women at Dawson, I’m surprised that you would chose a name so lame that the only porn that you’d be able to star in is a breast feeding extravaganza. Someone’s tits are lonely and need some action.
“Rock Cock.”
Justin R. – Second Semester – Commerce
Ouch, my ass hurts just reading your name. You can kiss your chances goodbye because no girl is going to sleep with a guy who compares his penis to a rock. Rocks are sharp and dirty, unless that’s what you are going for, a ragging herpes Hobo. 
“Captain Dick.”
Anthony P. – First Semester – Social Science
Officialy the most un-original Porn star name ever! You couldn’t think of a better name then that? You might as well call yourself boob king or the lord of the cock, cause the only thing you should be Captain of is SHAME.


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