Winter Olympics Dawson Style

Dawson holds its own Winter Olympics with various competitions

by Chloe Nudo

As the 2010 Olympics are taking  place out in Vancouver, the college held its own Dawson Olympics with some creative games that involved clothing and water.
Instead of medals, prizes throughout the event held at Conrod’s last Monday and the previous Monday and Wednesday included mugs, glasses, vests, gloves, and long sleeved shirts all with the limited edition Olympic logo on them. 
Some of the events that took place the first week were dart throwing and balloon tossing. This week participants had to dress in goalie equipment and dress as the #1 fan of the olympics. 
The event started of with fourth semester Law, Society, and Justice student Robert and fifth semester Psychology student Bana competing for the title of fastest-dressed goalie. 
After winning, and claiming his prize of an Olympic mug, Robert said he signed up for the event because “I’ve been getting dressed for hockey since I was little, when late for practice my coach used to make us get undressed and redressed again to punish us.” 
Bana added, “I’m a competitor, I like to compete, I like to win, even though I don’t always.” 
Bana complained about the prizes as a de-motivating factor.
“I would want to win a goal medal,”  Bana said. The mug he was playing for didn’t seem to be good enough.
“I would have played a game if they were more fun, or we could win better stuff,” sixth semester Psychology student Jessica said. 
Maha Haddad, Recreation Technician and the event organizer explained how this was the third day so there were fewer people.
Nobody showed up for the number one fan contest and the day ended with the best-dressed goalie competition being the only event. The competition didn’t even have a third and fourth competitor to battle it out for the second mug.
“I have a minimum requirement of some sort of body art, a maple leaf on the face or something,” Haddad said. 
However no judging took place due to the lack of contestants.
The events were also not bringing in enough people due to the lack of advertisement; many did not know the games were happening.
“I didn’t know there was such a thing called Dawson Olympics. I didn’t see any advertisements for it anywhere,” third semester Commerce student Andrea Boulin said.
“My friend told me about the Dawson Olympics but I didn’t find any information about it so I figured she  got her facts wrong,” a fourth semester Psychology student added.

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