Too little too late?

AAA men beat Ahuntsic 75-61 as they fight tooth and nail for a playoff spot

by Katrina Tortorici

The Dawson Blues maintain their fifth place standing after triumphing over the Ahuntsic Indians in men’s AAA basketball on Sunday, Feb. 21 at Dawson.
Dawson’s momentum coming into the game, undoubtedly gave them an edge, as the Blues worked hard to keep the lead throughout the game. 
“I told myself to keep attacking towards the basket, don’t let up, don’t let the other team take advantage of us, and keep pushing the ball,” said Blues guard Kurt Caro, who finished with 18 points in the game.
Caro was consistent throughout the game, but the leader of the first quarter was Chris Joseph, who scored 13 of the Blues’ 23 first quarter points which helped to put the Blues in a 13-point lead before the second quarter. 
It seemed like a sure win for the Blues when Joseph made a basket within the first minutes of the second quarter. Those points were quickly followed up by a basket from Caro, which quickly brought Dawson up by another five points. Blues guard Junior Fequiere added to the scoreboard after scoring a lay-up of his own, and forward Brian Ofori made two shots. The time flew by in the second quarter, as the Indians failed to keep up with the never-ending baskets that Dawson kept sinking. Sadly for Ahuntsic, the game was 43-28, and the Blues supporters were chanting happily.
In spite of the Blues’ success, the Indians fought hard to make it a close game in the third quarter. Ahuntsic managed to catch up as they made it a four-point game, with a score of 49-45 and just 3:30 left in the quarter. However, the momentum clearly switched and the Indians supporters were chanting instead of the Blues. 
“I told myself to keep pushing the ball, try to stop their momentum and just keep going strong,” Joseph said.
When Ahuntsic turned over the ball on a traveling call, Dawson forward Daniel Lucate sunk a basket that led to a number of Dawson’s points. Guard Karim Sy Morisette made a three-pointer and Caro made a basket in the last eight seconds of the game, putting Dawson back in a more comfortable 14-point lead. 
“They came with a little run, which is what we expected, but we didn’t break down,” Blues Head Coach, Wayne Yearwood, said. 
Dawson was back in the game in the last quarter, but both teams were unrelenting. Nevertheless, Dawson never failed to keep their cool as they won by 14 points with a final score of 75-61.
 “I just thought we came on and played a really good defense. We didn’t give anything easy and we kept with our intensity. We’ve had consistent play for the last couple of games, so were going to try to build that up for the next game and then go onto the playoffs, hopefully,” Yearwood sad after congratulating his team on the well deserved victory.

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