The Disaster Corner

by Elayne Millar


Tuesday February 23rd 2010

Landslide in Indonesia
A total of 17 people died and 29 are missing after a massive landslide buried more than 50 homes in the Ciwidey area of West Java in Indonesia. Hundreds of rescue workers dug through the mud to find survivors. Due to blocked roads, machinery could not get to the site until yesterday morning.

Sunday February 21st 2010

Mudslides in Portugal 
Flash floods and mudslides killed 42 people and left 120 injured on Sunday night on the Portuguese island of Madeira. A countless amounts of people are still missing and more than 250 people were evacuated to military bases. Several roads and bridges were blocked and hundreds of homes were destroyed. The flood water was reported to be strong enough to overturn cars and uproot trees

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