The Curious Collegian

Liberal Arts students combine efforts to produce new academic journal

by Despina Doukas

On Friday Feb. 12, a few Dawson Liberal Arts students, under the supervision of English Professor Liana Bellon, published the first issue of Cogito: Eclectic Compilation for the Curious Collegian, a journal for students who are curious about various academic ideas.
Cogito covers a wide variety of academic subjects such as student’s perspectives in politics and recommendations, creative writing, and photography. Each issue will also feature a talented writer, philosopher or artist.

“I was the one who came up with the idea [of a new journal],”fourth semester Liberal Arts student Genevieve Richard said. “I was inspired to start it up because I did not feel that talented writers had an outlet to express academic ideas.” 

One of the goals of the journal, as stated in their Manifesto is to “distinguish themselves from other collegiate publications.”

“Cogito offers talented writers an outlet to express themselves in an academic manner. This is a journal that provides more than just news — it provides knowledge. Cogito offers insight, interesting information specializing on Montreal and creative arts to students and teachers alike in a formal fashion,” Richard said.

Richard hopes that Dawson students will respond positively to their initiatives, and while most contributors are Liberal Arts students, they encourage students from all programs to contribute to the journal.

“I hope other Dawson students will welcome the journal, offer criticism and have a desire to write for the paper,” said Richard. “If you read the contributors list, you will notice that some of the writers are from other programs such as Cinema and Communications and General Social Science.”

“We were all very pleased with the vintage look of the journal and the content, especially since there was only about a week or so from conception to publication,” said Cogito’s Supervisor Liana Bellon. “I’ve been hearing positive comments from teachers and students who picked up copies of the journal, and students have expressed interest in contributing.”

 However, despite all the efforts of the Cogito contributors, some Dawson students admit they have not heard of it, and others said the journal would not be of interest to them.

“I have not heard of this journal before,” said second semester Commerce student Cristina Kreslin.

“[The journal] is too formal, and not catchy enough,” said Madison A., a fourth semester Social Science student. “The subjects covered do not seem pertinent to all programs. It’s mostly Liberal Arts. I don’t think all students would be interested in it.” 

Cogito is funded by the special projects fund at the DSU, and according to Richard, they hope to publish six to seven issues this semester. Copies of Cogito can be found at the Information Desk, as well as the Library


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