Road to inner peace

Peace vigil draws small crowd

by Anna Frey

Laura Mitchell, an English teacher, organized a vigil for peace, that was held on February 17 in 7C.5 to provide a quiet environment for students and staff to gather in reflection.

Four guests came to support the movement, sitting silently in thought for an hour. This was the third attempt by Mitchell to hold such a vigil, and, despite the meager turnout, she said it was the most successful yet. 

“The first time we had two people, then three, and this time four of you showed up,” Mitchell said.

The vigil began at noon and lasted until 1:00 p.m., though visitors weren’t asked to stay for the entire period.

 “I didn’t think I could do it for an hour, but then I got started and kind of liked it,” Social Science Program Coordinator Mary Hlywa said.

Hlywa and Mitchell both agreed that there weren’t enough quiet spaces provided in the college. 

“We don’t really have a place in Dawson where people can sit and be silent,” Mitchell said.

She offers this weekly space as a respite from the intensity in the rest of the school.

Mitchell compared the meditative experience of sitting for peace to practicing a religion. 

“People are practicing [Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism.] You have to practice peace as well,” she said. 

Despite the comparison to religion, Mitchell chose the theme of peace to be all-inclusive. 
“I didn’t want it to be religious,” said Mitchell. “Peace is for everyone.”

The peace vigil will be taking place every Wednesday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event has been held in different locations, but Mitchell is looking for a consistent room. She hopes that more people will take advantage of this quiet opportunity in the weeks to come.


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