Pity the readers

The poetry corner


by a.c, t.f, m.g, b.b, a.f, e.b, e.m

I don’t know how much she knows 
Nice Clothes but she is intimidating
I wonder if that’s her hair colour
She has a nose piercing, wish it was her tongue
“I love tequila!” she says verbally
“I am a lesbian!” she states through Facebook
I don’t know what she does 
But she seems important
She’s not a skank…or is she?
But she is everything:)


by c.n

Bid her up real softly

Then lay her down and twist

Roll her up so nicely

And seal it with a kiss

Let the smoke fill up your lungs

Let thoughts flow through your mind

Let the mellow mood sink in

There’s no running out of time

She runs at will but we know

She doesn’t do it to be mean

She is one of my true loves

Treat her like the reefer queen

We be rolling down our windows

Our smoke taints the streets

Just jamming while we driving

Listening to some beats

I call up my main man

My supply is running low

This feeling of let down

All the fiends must know

My high is slowly sinking

This is the turning point

My brain is turning sleepy

Till tomorrow, my next joint.


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