Piss Off!

by Tyler Finigan

Guys who take pictures of themselves in mirrors and post them on the internet 
Nothing spells out pathetic more then the sight of a grown man admiring himself in front of a mirror. If somehow you’ve lowered yourself to this level, please don’t make your doucheyness official by posting it on the internet. What is wrong with you? Are you so narcissistic that you simply have to show every one of your friends on Facebook how much of a worthless tool you are, or is it because you’re convinced that women love a man who can multitask a pose and his camera phone at the same time?  
People who go up the stairs when you’re going down  
Why? Please explain to me why the hell you insist on interrupting the wave of students? What you are doing is about as safe as bare backing a two dollar Bulgarian whore. If I’m coming down the stairs and this jack-hole wants to walk up on my side. You’ve got to have some major balls to risk your life going up the stairs at Dawson, if not, you better tuck them and wear a jockstrap because I will roundhouse you in the crotch.  
…And that’s what pissed me off this 

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