Live in the Lost

New gallery welcomes back Dawson alumni

by Hani Kaddah

Emily Shanahan and Corina Kennedy showcased their artwork at Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery in Dawson on Feb 18th. The exhibition is titled “Live in the Lost”

Both artists were former Dawson students. They both continued on in the field and obtained their Bachelors of Fine Art degree at the Concordia University.  Having kept close contact with their former Dawson teachers, they managed to present their work at Dawson. 
Shanahan and Kennedy were warmly welcomed with a large crowd including many of their friends, family, teachers and curious folk.  Wine was served for those who were thirsty, however many fulfilled their thirst with their eyes. 

The artwork represents characters from the past recognized through mythology or through pop culture. Shanahan presented mythological characters and Kennedy represented pop culture icons mixed with her kinship.  

As you walk in to the gallery you will notice one portrait of an oddly familiar face. It is a portrait of Robert Kennedy. “ A lot of people ask me whether I was related to JFK because of my family name. In this piece I decided to merge JFK face with that of my great uncle.” Said Kennedy. 

Kennedy has a piece titled “77 Yoko Ono Hair Pieces” which represent 77 different hair styles, a play between the abstract and iconic through repetition. Painted on small wooden blocks, the 77 different pieces will keep guests eyes busy for a long time.

Shanahan has a piece entitled “Head of Athena” which is so brilliantly painted that it will inspire awe in visitors to the gallery.  She also showcased a work, which embodies a horse drowning a pond in forest

Lorraine Simms, the Chairperson for fine arts department commented that she absolutely loved the exhibition saying, 
“The gallery is located at the heart of Dawson, which is the place it should occupy. It promotes dialogue and ideas, which is what this institution is all about. Students who graduate from Fine Arts are well prepared to advance their study, and it is quite unique to have them come back to the place where they flourished to show their work”.

All the pieces at the gallery were unique in their own respect.  Students are encouraged to check out the exhibition for themselves. The exhibition runs in the Warren G Flowers gallery until Feb 27.


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