Friday night basketball

Lady Blues convincingly beat  Edouard-Montpetit by 14 points at home despite their slow start

by Ashley Couillard

Dawson’s AAA women’s basketball team managed to beat the Edouard-Montpetit Lynx 83-69 at home last Friday night, as they dominated the fourth quarter. 
The game started out with the Blues dominating the first quarter, where they lead by as much as 15 points. Elizabeth Tremblay kept scoring three pointers after three pointers which gave Dawson its sizeable lead. It was only towards the end of the first quarter when the Lynx decided to fight back.  Edouard-Montpetit were able to capitalize on their foul shots, racking up enough points to keep the game close as the first quarter ended with the Blues up 22-16.
“We did a good job, smart plays and got the rebounds, our first quarter was really good,” explained Head Coach Trevor Williams. 
In the second quarter the Blues struggled to make baskets while the Lynx’s defense seemed to be more aggressive, as they were able to block most of Dawson’s shots. The Lynx held a lead throughout most of the second quarter, while Dawson was unable to communicate and displayed very little effort on the court. As the quarter continued, the score got closer, but the Lynx’s eventually took a 40-39 lead at halftime. 
Dawson got off to a slow start at the beginning of the third quarter, as plays were more focused around passing rather than scoring any points. With eight seconds left in the third quarter, Stephanie Brosseau scored a basket making it 61-57 in favour of the Blues. 
In the fourth quarter, Dawson finally regained a sizeable lead. Their defense picked up and the crowd got louder as the game went on. Even though the Lynx’s had a chance to catch up with all the foul shots that Dawson gave them, they were unable to capitalize as Dawson’s coverage showed to be too strong against the Lynx’s weak offence.
“Our defense was more intense in the last quarter,” said Janice Quintos, a fourth semester Accounting student.
 Dawson was very aggressive while they attacked the basket. They pushed the Lynx’s defense away in order to score points. Half way through the quarter, Dawson had an eight point lead and managed to their lead, as they won the game with a score of 83-69.  
“We’re improving and we had good plays towards the end” Williams said.  

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