Eyes on the DSU


DSU Executives amend the constitution and appoint CEO
by Brian Lapuz
The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a three minute meeting on Feb. 17, approving amendments to the constitution and appointing the Spring 2010 Election’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).
The meeting was held in the 8A hallway due to a double booking for the 8A.7 room.
For the appointment of the CEO, Samantha Hackel-butt has been hired for the Spring 2010 Executive Elections. She is very qualified according to DSU Executive Director, Mathieu Perron.
“She worked for the DSU as a scrutineer many times,” Perron said.
As for the constitutional changes, the DSU made three main amendments to the document, that will take effect if they are approved during the upcoming General Assembly.
Historically, the DSU has had a lot of trouble achieving quorum at General Assemblies, which Perron said prevented the Union from conducting its regular business and concentrated the Union’s power in the hands of the Executive Council. If the new constitution is ratified, quorum will be set at 50 people, as opposed to 1.5% of the Membership.
According to Flint Deita, second semester CRLT student, the change in quorum is efficient and that is a temporary solution to a bigger problem, though he does have some concerns about the proposed quorum.
“It’s something that could be dangerous. [For example] you can easily get 50 people together to dissolve the Union,” he said.
The Solidarity Clause, which was shortly debated during the Fall 2009 General Assembly due to its ambiguity, was also altered. According to Carl Perks, President of the DSU, the clause now specifies that an executive is not forced to promote actions taken by the Union if he or she does not agree with the action.
However, executives cannot use their title to publicly condemn or campaign against such actions.
“[The clause] is there to make sure that the Union functions how it is supposed to,” Perron said.
Another amendment concerns the  changing the names of the executive positions. The President will be referred to as the Chairperson; the Executive Secretary as the Deputy Chairperson; the Vice-President Finance as Treasurer; and other Vice-President positions as Directors.
“We’re a union, not a political system,” Perron said.
The Executive is currently operating under the new constitution.
The DSU also made corrections to the grammar and use of legal writing in the constitution.

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