Drums, Food and History

Black History Month events at Dawson

By Kalika Hastings

On February 24 to 26, Student Services will be hosting several interactive activities in Conrod’s for the Black History Month celebration, along with additional presentations by individuals from the Canadian Black Community. 

The events began on Wednesday  with activities such as traditional hair braiding and numerous performances by individual students. An interactive drum workshop will be presented by the Kosa Academy of Performing Arts and Montreal’s Entraide Bénévole Kouzin Kouzin will also be there to promote their Big Brother organization. 

“The drum workshop was extremely popular in previous years so we decided to bring it back,” said Maha Haddad, of Student Affairs.
Later that evening, at 7:00p.m. in 4C.1, Humanities professor, Cory Leggasic will be organizing a discussion panel regarding state surveillance and repression of members of Montreal’s black community in the name of national security in the 1960s and today. The panel, with David Austin, founder of the Alphie Roberts Institute and Khalid Elgazzar, a civil liberties lawyer, is part of a six-month campaign launched by project Fly Home and the Alphie Roberts Institute. 

On Thursday, African and Caribbean dishes will be available in Conrod’s at a reasonable price. Dawson’s Christian Fellowship Club and African Legacy Club will be serving and preparing the food. From 12:00p.m-1:30 p.m. Montreal’s rising comedian, Andrew Searles will be performing. 

“I’m looking forward to the events. It’s nice to see the college engage in activities from my community,”  said third semester Social Science student Shane Guilding.

The celebrations will end on Friday, with renowned speaker and journalist, Jean St.Vil, an Ottawa-based activist within the Haitian Diaspora, who will be discussing an update regarding recent events in Haiti, in 5B.16 at 1:00p.m.

Throughout the week, a variety of African and Caribbean music will be playing in Conrod’s to attract students and staff to participate in the events


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