Dawson gets its groove on

Dawson flash mob cheers on Olympic teams

by Carl Perks

Last Thursday, hundreds of students gathered to watch a flash mob that had been organised by the school to celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in the lower atrium.

The mob consisted of ballerinas, the cheerleading team, a basketball team and a handful of gym classes. 

The event began with the three ballerinas, accompanied by music played by CIXS: The Edge, Dawson’s radio station. The cheerleaders then came down and twirled and pirouetted. After a short demonstration of acrobatic prowess on the part of the cheerleaders, the basketball team joined in accompanied by the gym classes to sing the Canadian national anthem. 

There was such a big turn-out that many people could not see the cheerleader’s stunts. 

“I didn’t expect that many people to show up,” fourth semester General Social Science student Lydia Ziani said. They danced along to a rap remix of Oh Canada that was provided by the Athletics Department.  

Some of the cheerleaders were nervous.

“We did not have much preparation, we only practiced twice,” Ziani said.

But even with lack of rehearsal, many were happy with the outcome.

“It was crazy! It was so much fun!” second semester Cinema, Video and Communications student Elana Depagter said.

Once the cheerleaders finished their dance routine, the gym classes and basketball team joined in to sing the national anthem and there was a large banner drop with the lyrics of the song printed on it. On its opposite side, the organisers suspended a huge Canadian flag. 

Many of the students in the crowd sang along to their country’s anthem. Despite this participation, many of the people attending could not hear the music. 

“I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t hear [the music] at the other end of the atrium because it was really loud here,” CIXS: The Edge station manager Daniel Dahlberg said. 

Despite many people not seeing the show and not hearing the music due to the all the noise by the crowd, many people enjoyed the show, “It’s great to see students reclaiming public space and I hope to see more of these events in the future,” DSU Executive Director Mathieu Murphy Perron said.


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