AAA Women dominate on home court

Defeat Nouvelles-Frontieres 87-51 in their second to last game of the regular season

by Audrey Meubus


Dawson’s AAA women’s basketball team dominated the court last Sunday afternoon against Gatineau’s Nouvelles-Frontières, as the Blues ended the game with a 36-point lead.

From the opening tip-off, Dawson established themselves as a force to be reckoned with as they kept a constant momentum that lead them to a 87-51 win. Their aggressive style kept them on top but merited them 18 fouls in the game. 

Despite missing her first field goal attempt, Dawson forward Genviève Gaboriault set the pace early on in the first quarter by making two consecutive three-point shots. From that point there was a constant struggle from Nouvelles-Frontières, who lacked the proper assertiveness and had great difficulty in bouncing back.

In the second quarter, Dawson’s point guard Amencie Mercier kept the audience on their toes with several impressive drives to the net. While those drives displayed her athleticism, they were either intercepted by the opposing team or dropped when passed to guard Janice Quintos. During the first half, it was evident that Quintos was not at the top of her game as she allowed Nouvelles-Frontières to easily control the boards.

Come half time, Dawson was leading by 12 points. There was seemingly still hope for Nouvelles-Frontières, but the Blues’ dominance did not falter. 

“We [kept] up a good intensity the whole game,” Gaboriault said.

The first points of the second half were scored on an impressive layup by Marilene Lapierre, who finished the game with eight points. After yet another successful breakaway shot by Mercier, the quarter ended with a 23 point gap 58-35, and it was clear that Nouvelles-Frontières did not stand a chance. 

Although their team was dragging far behind, a few of the Gatineau supporters in the crowd did not tone down their enthusiasm, cheering on their players almost obnoxiously until the very end. 

The women’s focus and aggressive play led them to a strong finish. The game ended with a score of 87-51. 

Coach Trevor Williams was very satisfied with his team’s performance. 

“We played a strong defense,” Williams commented, “It was an overall effort, we played strong. We talk a lot about defence and Genviève’s three points score early on made it much easier for us.”

The team’s next game will be against St-Lambert on the 26 Feb. at 7 p.m at Dawson.


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