AA men fall to Brebeuf

Blues lose by 10 points 64-54 as they fall to sixth place in the standings and fight for a playoff spot

by Chris Pike

Dawson’s AA Men’s team lost a hard fought game last Sunday to second place Brébeuf by a score of 64-54. 

The Blues got off to a slow start that went from bad to worse as they got into foul trouble early on. Dawson’s defense looked sluggish and tired while Brébeuf hustled for the ball and got most of the first quarter’s rebounds. At the end of the first quarter the Blues were down by 15 points, as they trailed Brébeuf19-4. 

The second quarter was much of the same, as sloppy passing and shot clock violations plagued the Blues. Brébeuf took advantage of this, and physically dominated the first half of the game. 

 Six foot three Charles Lacroix towered over most of Dawson’s defenders drawing foul after foul as he drove to the basket. Lacroix finished the game with 12 points and eight rebounds. 

In the dying seconds of the first half, Dawson began to pick up their game, giving guard Nathaniel Kennedy Noble an open look for a buzzer beating three pointer that proved to be a serious momentum changer going into halftime.

As the second half began, the Blues quickly took control of the game, mostly thanks to Philippe Charlebois Gomez and Nathaniel Kennedy Noble who finished with 13 points and 12 points respectively. Noble made three quick steals and Gomez grabbed four rebounds as the Blues closed the gap to nine points by the end of the third quarter.

The tension between the two teams was most evident in the fourth quarter, when a fight almost broke out between Brébeuf forward Laurent Dionnel and Blues guard Jonathan Chan. A few spectators got into a fight of their own, and a Dawson fan was consequently thrown out of the game by the referee.

Unfortunately for Dawson, none of the officials’ calls were going their way. Several blown calls and questionable fouls occurred throughout the game. These calls were more evident when Dawson began to dig into Brebeuf’s lead. 

Dawson continued to pressure Brébeuf at both sides of the court, but the number of calls against them was far too much to overcome.  
“I’m not going to use the referees as an excuse,” said forward Nicholas Phillips of the Blues. “We played horrible up until the end of the third quarter. After that we played ball that Dawson is known for.”

Coach Gordon Starck who made a few questionable decisions, such as keeping former AA Basketball player of the year Nathaniel Noble and Philippe Charlebois Gomez on the bench for the entire first quarter, was unavailable for comment after the game. 


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