Zodiac on Trial

By Christopher Sammons

Pretty petty Leo…. Those are the ones born between July 23 and August 22. Ruled by the sun, you could easily agree that their personalities match that of a bright, shining, positive light of confidence radiating upon people with a magnetic attraction. They are the bright and powerful sun, positive, proud, ambitious, independent, smart and refined. They are  in their element when they are the center of attention. Yes, these ARE the attention whores of the zodiac. They live, breath, and eat for the spotlight.
The positive: Warm-hearted, extroverted, proud, ambitious, independent, caring, assertive, passionate, altruistic, creative, loyal, have clear personalities and a fondness for children and animals.
The negative: dogmatically opinionated, arrogant, intolerant of failure in people, bossy, irrational, unable to take criticism (a blow to their very core), explosively argumentative, violent, stubborn, think they’re right and everyone else is wrong, attention seekers, overly dramatic, and clueless.
Want more information on this sign? Visit http://mysticalblaze.com/AstrologyLeo.htm
Questions, comments? Email me at chris_90sports@hotmail.com.

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