Questions? Leave it to …The Skanks!

Dear Skanks,
There’s this question that’s been floating around in my mind, to fuck in the ass or to not fuck in the ass? Do girls actually enjoy it?

Mr. Horse/ Psychology/ 2nd semester

Dear Mr. Horse,
Anal sex is a touchy subject. Girls either love it or hate it, there is no in between. Most girls will try it once and then cry and roll around in pain. These girls will then tell their friends and their friends will tell their and so on making most girls scared shitless (haha) of trying it. But have no fear Mr. Adventurous! There are those rare anal sex loving girls who would be more than happy to let you drive their Hersey highway. Only way to find out if she’s down is to ask. Maybe you’ve found yourself a keeper.

The Skanks

Dear Skanks,
Do guys like having their balls played with during sex and foreplay? If so, do I have to do it? I’m kind of lazy during sex.

Just-Lying-There / Social Science/ 4th semester

Dear Just-Lying-There,
Darling girl, I would like you to take a second and think about what you are asking me. Do you like being fingered when having sex? Yes? Well look at that! Think of his balls as a clitoris, when it’s played with sex is that much better. So yes, you should play with them when you can. By the way you should really get more into sex god dammit! Sex is so much better if BOTH people are into it. Remember, no one likes to fuck a dead body …well some people do… but let’s not go there…ewwwww

The Skanks


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