Picks of the week: Top 5 TV Doctors

by Christopher Pike

#1 Dr. Stephen Colbert (Played by Stephen Colbert)
So he’s not the same kind of doctor that the other guys on this list are but, Stephen Colbert has an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from Knox College in Illinois. Is there anything this man cannot do?
#2 Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Played by DeForest Kelly & Karl Urban)
With the rebirth of the series by way of JJ Abrams’ new movies you’re definitely going to be hearing a lot more of “Damn it Jim! I’m just a doctor!”
#3 Dr. Mark Sloan (Played by Eric Dane)
I think all the women of Dawson can agree that I’ve made a good choice here.
#4 Dr. Gregory House (Played by Hugh Laurie)
He’s rude, racist, sexist, a former drug addict and just an all-around douchebag, but every week you tune in to see what kind of crazy-ass shit he’s going to do next. I think anyone who told you they didn’t think Gregory House was a total badass is a filthy liar.
#5 Dr. Douglas “Doogie” Howser (Played by Neil Patrick Harris)
Do I really need to explain this one? NPH, nuff said.


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