No Change…No Coffee

by Ashley Couillard

You’re having a stressful day and all you want to do is relax over a steaming hot cup of coffee. Where to go? Well, Tim Horton’s of course! It’s only a few feet from Atwater metro, so it’s easy to access, not to mention really cheap.

You stand in the long but fast line up, order your fix, hand over your debit card, and are just starting to anticipate the first sip of the coffee that’s calling your name only to hear the woman say, “Sorry, we don’t take debit.” You watch in anguish as she takes your coffee away. Now, doesn’t that just ruin your day? I know it ruins mine. I don’t carry loose change in my wallet; it’s a lot simpler to just pay for everything on debit in today’s fast-paced society. Well, not according to Tim Horton’s. If I want my coffee, I have to pay cash because Tim doesn’ttake anything else. How stupid is that? It means that I now have to go all over the mall trying to find an ATM.
I find it incredibly annoying and have no patience for their “no debit” rule, especially when it’s eight in the morning. Tim Horton’s has to genuinely consider allowing debit cards. Pretty much everyone takes debit these days, and Tim Horton’s needs to join this group. Accepting debit would increase their sales; they would have a lot more happy customers each day as many people don’t go to Tim’s because their money is on Interact.
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t live without Tim Horton’s. I’m probably already paying for half their salaries the way I obsess over it. I just want to be able to pay for it on my debit card.


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