Lady Blues convincingly beat Vanier on the road

AAA women hold on to third place after 72-61 win

By Melina Giubillaro

Dawson’s women’s AAA basketball team managed to beat the Vanier Cheetahs 72-61 last Thursday, after what turned out to be a surprisingly close game.
In the first 20 seconds of the game, Dawson’s forward Richelle Grégoire Legaut scored a three-pointer that put the Lady Blues up on the scoreboard early on.
A lack of concentration from the Lady Blues was evident in the first quarter and continuously showed throughout the course of the game. Dawson tried to jump start their offence early on, by playing aggressively. The Cheetahs played air tight defense, as the first quarter ended with the Cheetah’s leading by one point, 14-13.
During the second quarter, the Cheetahs refused to give the Blues the lead by constantly keeping the ball away from them. Although the Lady Blues kept playing solid defense, they couldn’t find a way to put points up on the scoreboard because the Cheetah’s rarely turned the ball over. The Lady Blues went to the locker room irritated after being down by four points at halftime as the Cheetahs led 49-45.
“Move, move!” screamed Head Coach Trevor Williams during the last minute of the third quarter. Even though Williams tried to get the Lady Blues’ attention by yelling at them, they did not listen and as a result, the Cheetah’s lead the scoreboard 49-45 in the third quarter.
“The coach screams at all of us to wake us up,” Legaut said.
Frustration grew for both teams as they kept missing shot after shot. After three and a half minutes into the fourth quarter, Williams called a time-out in hope of inspiring his team. The Lady Blues then came back to the floor a lot stronger and more focused. They gained possession of the ball and started scoring points.
“We were losing at the beginning of the game,” said Blues guard Janice Quintos. “We kept playing defense and we stuck together till the end.”
Dawson gained their momentum while the Cheetahs slowly fell behind, unable to catch up to the Lady Blues.
Leading the scoreboard by seven points, the Lady Blues started falling behind which forced Williams to call yet another time-out with only three minutes left. The Lady Blues came back on the court and forced the Cheetah players into turning the ball over. Legaut’s easy three pointer ended the game at 72-61 for the Lady Blues.
“Legaut’s shot put us at ease,” said Blues guard Amencie Mercier.
“I wasn’t really happy with the game. I thought the girls played very nervously and very scared,” said Williams. “Hopefully the next game we’ll do a lot better.”

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