Blues blow out Abbott 8-2

Lady Blues regain third place as they eye a top seed

by Alexandra Giubelli

Dawson women’s AA hockey team bounced back from their embarrassing loss against Edouard-Montpetit two weeks ago, defeating the rival John-Abbot Islanders 8-2 against last Saturday at Gadbois Arena.
“I think we get really geared up for Abbott, but we were embarassed the last time we played and the girls tried and came out [with a lot of energy]. We got embarrassed and that’s enough [to spark your team].” Said head coach Scott Lambton.
The intensity was unbelievable on the ice as well as off it, as many fans had come from the West-Island to cheer for the Islanders, bringing banners and pans to make noise.
However, the loud crowd did not intimidate the Lady Blues, as Audrey Gariepy scored her first goal of the night early on in the first period. A few minutes later, Dawson added another goal on a power play, bringing the score at 2-0.
Even on the penalty kill, the Blues dominated the Lady Islanders’ zone, getting some great chances to score. In spite of their lacklustre defence, the Islanders still found a way to score on a power play as Kim Boismenu was the first to put her team on the board making the score 2-1 for the Blues.
As the second period started, the penalties kept coming one after another for both teams. John Abbott tied up the game, as they scored their second goal, with heavy traffic in front of Joanie Plamondon’s net.
However, that didn’t stop the two teams from going to the penalty box, as a few moments later; Dawson and Abbott were sent to the penalty box for unsportsmanlike conduct.
After a slow and difficult start for the Lady Blues, they were able to gain some momentum back, as Joanne Cagianos scored her first goal of the night, and quickly added another one near the end of the second period, putting Dawson ahead with a 4-2 lead.
“I think some penalties shouldn’t have been taken, but a lot of them were rough ones and you have to take them to make them learn not to do things like don’t touch our goalie and it scares them giving us the advantage,” said forward Joanne Cagianos.
The strategy might have worked, seeing as how shortly after the third period started, Cagianos scored again, completing her hat-trick.
Audrey Gariepy scored moments later on a power play, her second of the night, getting the Lady Blues to a 6-2 lead.
“This is how it should be when we play. We played with our full potential and I don’t know what we went through this season but this is how it should be, hard work, pays off,” explained Cagianos.
Dawson surely didn’t stop there as Audrey Gariepy also completed her hat-trick. The Lady Blues were once again taken to the box as John Abbott benefited on a 5 on 3 at the end of the period. The Lady Islanders forgot about Gariepy as she fled on a break away, beating Alex-Ann Caisse’s glove side for yet another goal. Gariepy finished the game with four goals and an assist as Dawson crushed John Abbott 8-2.
“Everything was working, our plays, and our power play everything was working so well, we played as a team and it was beautiful to see. We changed a bit our power play and it start working perfectly, we scored five goals,” said forward Audrey Gariepy.
Dawson is now back in the third place in the standing, ahead of Lafleche with 23 points. Thier next game will take place Friday Feb.19 at 7:30 p.m. against St.Laurent at Ronald-Caron Arena.


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