AA men lose at home

Blues lose early lead as they fall to Outaouais 88-68

By Jennifer Attia

Dawson’s men’s AA basketball team lost to Outaouais 88-68 last Tuesday, as they drop to fifth place in the overall standings.
Dawson’s obvious lack of motivation and discipline are what led the Blues to their crushing twenty point loss, one of their worst of the season. On the other side of the ball was the Outaouais team, who was not especially organized but was incredibly motivated, and played knowing that they could advance to fourth place with a win.
Outatouais immediately took the lead in the first quarter and continued to hold it for the first five minutes. However, Dawson was able to react quickly, and ended the quarter leading 25-23.
Dawson’s strength of the game was always to put pressure on their opponents, by forcing them to constantlydeal with man to man pressure. However, it was not enough in the end seeing as how before the end of the second quarter, Outaouais was leading by six points. Even though Dawson played tough defense, it was not enough, as Outaouais went into the locker leading 49-46.
During most of the game, the Blues were unable to get their offence going. Every time Dawson got possession , they were unable to get a clean pass or a clean shoot, because the Outaouais players were fearlessly defending their basket, and simply overpowered the Blues as the third quarter ended with Outaouais extended their lead 61-49.
Outaouais played with more motivation, and had more energy with every passing minute, while Dawson did not make any apparent changes to their game plan. They ended up losing by twenty points, 88-68.
“The boys are not experienced enough yet and they don’t take the game seriously enough,” said Blues’ head coach Gordon Starck after this disappointing game that everyone hopes will soon be forgotten.


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