The Disaster Corner

by Elayne Millar

Monday, February 15th

Volcano in Chile
The Chiaten volcano, located in Southern Chile, has been placed under red alert by Chilean government due to its increase in seismic activity in the past three weeks. The volcano’s activity is said to be above normal levels. The structure is producing large clouds of gas, which authorities believe can lead to an eruption. In May 2008 the volcano erupted for the first time in an estimated 2,000 years leaving a total of 4,500 Chileans homeless.

Rockslide in Haiti
Four children and others injured when a classroom collapsed Monday morning in the northern coastal city of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. A rogue boulder fell on the roof of the classroom killing third-graders. Haitien authorities are not sure where the boulder came from but they assume rains in the areas might have displaced it. Police searched through the rubble and by noon, all children were accounted for.


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