Sorry we’re closed

by Brian Lapuz

Due to a request made by the Registrar, Oliver’s is closed for three weeks, from February 15 to March 8, in order to store computers, which will be used for admission processing.
Raymond Boucher, Director of Student Services, made the decision a couple of weeks ago. He explained that the Registrar is using the space for processing admission requests of potential Dawson students. Boucher further explained that the Registrar also needed space nearby to keep roughly 15 to 20 computers, used for the processing, under lock and key.
There are students who will be affected by the decision.
“It’s kind of an inconvinience, because [Oliver’s] is usually the most peaceful place to have lunch,” Jennifer Mancini, fourth semester Arts and Culture student, said.
Boucher realizes that closing Oliver’s is an imposition on students. “During the daytime, it’s an under utilized space. Some may be unhappy; we’ll try our best to help them.”
Others feel that the situation is completely unfair.
“I think they should find another space; they should have consulted the student body before taking student space,” Christopher Monette, Executive Secretary of the Dawson Student Union (DSU), said.
The DSU was informed of the circumstance, on February 3, by Paul Rastelli, Coordinator of Student Services.
“Paul Rastelli walked in [the DSU office] and told us [Oliver’s would be closed for] 2 weeks, then a month,” Monette said.
However, Boucher made clear that there is a growing need for space in the college. Drago Kresevic, Director of Plant and Facilities, confirmed Boucher’s claim.
“We’re fine in terms of teaching spaces, but not for auxiliary purposes,” said Kresevic. “[Oliver’s] is not one of the spaces that is most used.”
“I have trouble believing that. The fact that no students were involved in making the decision did not help communication,” Monette added.
Monette further explained his discontent at the fact that the DSU was not formally told about the situation


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