Scientific art

Space presents art in four-dimensions

by Bryan Leblanc

Juan Gomez-Perales, a Fine Arts professor, spoke at the first of three SPACE presentations last Thursday in 5B.13.
The topic discussed was the combination of science and art to establish a way of perceiving the fourth dimension.

Traditionally a three-dimensional artist, Gomez-Perales captivatedthe packed boardroom with his science and art combination true to his multidisciplinary beliefs.
“Juan is a multi talented tour-de-force, he takes an unconventional approach to his work,” Joel Trudeau from the physics department said.
Most of the 20 minute SPACE talk took the form of a science class, with ideas like Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.
“It’s very educational. It opens your eyes to what’s out there,” Jade Robillard, a fourth semester Health Science student said.
The last few minutes were dedicated to Gomez-Perales’ art which would have made no sense without the science to support it.
“Toward the end of my work I was spending as much time in the lab as  the studio,” Gomez-Perales said.
“[Dimensions are] something to think about […] because we’re used to seeing only three,” a second semester Pure and Applied Science student.
Gomez-Perales uses the rotation of the Earth to create four-dimensional drawings. One of his pieces, a ball attached to the wall, makes little sense without the rotation of the Earth involved.
Many people at art galleries where Gomez-Perales presented this piece would stare at the ball and its many grooves and scratches only to be left puzzled. What they did not know was that Gomez-Perales placed a hoop 40 km away in Ontario, that in four dimensions, the ball would pass through in just over an hour.
Gomez-Perales creates his art with the intention of developing a new vocabulary and a way for people to perceive the elusive fourth dimension.
“Our way of perceiving things is two-dimensional,” Gomez-Perales said in reference to the way eyes work. “I work with what people can understand, not what they can see.”

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