Perfect no more

Dawson’s A team loses nailbiter to Sorel-Tracy

by Tyler Finigan

Dawson’s Men’s A Basketball team suffered their first loss of the season last Friday night against Les Rebelles de Sorel 56-57.

Dawson kept the game close all the way to the end but the Blues were unable to hold the lead, as Sorel stole the game, winning by one point with 0.9 seconds left in the game.

The game started off slowly as The Blues were unable to score any points in the opening minutes of the first quarter. However, the Blues managed to come back and tie up the game with 17 seconds left to make the score 15-15 going into the second quarter.

Despite Dawson’s defensive game, the Blues were able to capitalize on most of their free throw oppertunities and went into halftime up 32-29.

“We started off slow, but were able to have bursts of scoring to get the lead,” said Dawson’s fourth semester guard Jimmy Salami.

Unfortunately, the offensive rush came to a halt in the third quarter, as Dawson was unable to increase their lead. With the Blues unable to put the game out of reach, Sorel was able to tie up the score with every chance that they got.

Despite some questionable foul calls and some sloppy turnovers, The Blues were able to keep it close, thanks to center Anthony Dompierre, who made a critical block in the quarter.

Tension built between the two teams near the end of the fourth quarter, as the battle for possession grew more intense with every second that ticked off the clock.

With the game tied and less then one second left on the clock, Les Rebelles were awarded two free throws that would put them in the lead/

Sorel forward, Alexandre Clément, stepped up to the foul line and sank his last two attempt, and gave his team a one point lead which proved to be all they needed as there was only 0.9 seconds in the game.

With a disorganized offensive game and some spotty defense, it was apparent that Dawson’s communication on the court was what resulted in their first loss of the season.

“We had plans,” said assistant coach Charyssa Walton, “we would tell them what we needed them to do but they weren’t able to translate it on the [court].”


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