A fun way to celebrate

by Laura Imperiale

The Dawson Student Union decided to bring back the Condom-o-gram event for Valentine’s Day, which was held in room 2F.2 from Monday, February 8 to Friday, February 12.
Students were able to go to the DSU and request a condom delivery to a special person by simply filling out the name of the person they wish to send it to and what time and class they would have been in on Friday February 12.
“It’s a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a light-hearted way,” Greg Sheppard, VP Media and Communications said. He mentioned how this Valentine’s Day activity has been successful in previous years at Dawson, thus the DSU thought it would be fun to go through with it again.
“It’s a good way to send a message to promote safe sex,” Sheppard added.
All Condom-o-grams consist of a little note from their admirer, with anonymity being an option, two heart shaped chocolates, and two Ultra Sensitive, lubricated, “For her Pleasure” Trojan condoms.
The condoms were provided by the Dawson student nurse and a sex clinique free of charge.
Students started showing up at the DSU as of Monday, February 8 to reserve their Condom-o-grams and by Wednesday, February 10 there were already approximately 50 reserved Condom-o-grams.
Students had various reactions to receiving Condom-o-grams.
“Basically a few chuckles, lots of smiles, a few looks a terror, but overall everybody was happy to receive one,” Vijay Krishnan, club coordinator said.
“I gave it to myself,” second semester Commerce student Daniel Cerone said as the rest of the class laughed.
Some teachers also received Condom-o-grams and seemed surprised about it, although they just laughed it off and took it in good humor.
DSU representatives describe this Valentine’s Day event at Dawson as a success and were pleased with the students’ reactions.

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