It’s a Black fact

by Jamie Floyd

Atwater Library continued its weekly Lunchtime Series today at 12:30 p.m. with author Frank Mackey, who will discuss his new book, Done with Slavery: The Black Fact in Montreal which deals with the topic of slavery in Montreal.
Although some might not be aware of this, Canada played a big part in the slave trade, Mackay said.
Canada was not officially recognized until 1867 some ignore its ties to slavery.
“I think a lot of people today, black and white, are not aware that slavery existed here,” Mackay told Concordia’s, The Link.
Although, according to Mackay slavery was somewhat more civilized here than it was in other parts of the world, it is still an important part of Canadian history.
“The slaves who came here, it’s like they were wrapped in cellophane, like food in the grocery store. You get your meat and there’s hardly any blood there,” Mackay told The Link.
“Here, slaves were kind of a convenience, and to a large extent they were servants, except that they were bought instead of being hired,” the historian told The Link.
This is the second book that Mackay has written on the topic of black slaves in Montreal; his preceding one was Black Then: Blacks In Montreal 1780s-1880s.
“I’m not speaking for blacks by writing this book. It’s just that [this history] is not being told,” Mackay told The Link.


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