Haiti fundraiser

by Despina Doukas

After four weeks of fundraising Dawson faculty and students managed to raise $8 962.21 for the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.

Donna Varrica of Public Relations at Dawson showed pride in the number of people who went out of their way to raise funds for The Red Cross at Dawson.
“I had no idea how much we would raise when we started out since we have never done anything like this before,” said Varrica. “I was very surprised with the outcome.
“What was really overwhelming was that it was mostly student initiatives that raised this money,” Varrica said.
The majority of funds were raised by student’s efforts in bake sales as well as the Book Exchange who donated all their profits to the Relief Fund.
However since there are about 10 000 people as a significant and also a symbolic gesture in the next week new efforts will be made to increase the donated amount to $10 000.
“We got inspired by student efforts and what we are going to do to top off donations is have a staff bake sale,” explained Varrica.  “We have incredible bakers amongst our staff and we will get them to volunteer to bake for an upcoming sale in the Atrium.”
The Canadian Government has agreed to match the amount of money Canadian individuals have donated to Haiti Relief Funds.
Public Relations is going to write a letter explaining that the money being donated is not on behalf of Dawson College as a corporation. It is on behalf of individual students and staff members who donated in order to help. They hope this will convince the Canadian Government to match donations made at Dawson.
Despite all the positive efforts made, as of February 10 the average Dawson student and faculty member donated .89c to Dawson Haiti Relief, and some students admit to not being aware of Dawson’s efforts.
“I am not really aware of what Dawson is doing for Haiti,” fourth semester Languages student Melanie Gagne said.
However, Elizabeth Espana, second semester Law Society Justice student disagrees.
“It’s not like [students] don’t know about what is going on in Haiti, so I don’t know what’s keeping them from donating,” she said.
The donation boxes will still be in place in 4A.1 as well as the Information Booth for students who still wish to contribute.


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