Eyes on the DSU

by Ashley Couillard

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a meeting on February 10 where discussions focused on the DSU’s fifth birthday, the book store prices and Oliver’s.
The meeting began with the adoption of agendas and was then followed by discussion of the DSU’s fifth birthday. February 23 is the DSU’s five-year anniversary of being accredited and for the occasion the DSU debated distributing a big cake that says, “We’ve been here fighting for you for now five years,” Executive Secretary Christopher Monette said. The cake would cost the DSU $500 and would be able to feed 500 students.
“We need to be careful with students’ money,” VP Internal & Advocacy Idil Isse said. An idea to lower the total price of this cake was to negotiate with the bakery and give them space in our agendas for advertising.
“We should buy something professional; but, in addition, let’s make something ourselves. It’s the gesture that counts,” Executive Director Mathieu Perron said.
The next issue was the strategy to lower the book store prices, and ideas were pitched as how to decrease the high prices.
“We’re going a little heavy on petition, it shouldn’t be the main tactic for the book store,” Perron said. Finding out the history of the bookstore would help with this strategy as well as learning more about the structure of their enterprise. Another idea was, instead of purchasing books from the book store, buying them somewhere else such as the internet, Chapters or Amazon The used book store is also an option.
“There’s more that can be done to get the best prices for students,” Perron said.
The meeting concluded with the discussion about Oliver’s closing for a month. The reason for the closing is that the financial office needs a place to store their papers and decided on the student locale.
“We should put up posters to see if people around the school want to help [the DSU prevent Oliver’s from closing],” President Carl Perks said.

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