Blues get blown out by Brebeuf after blowing out Ahuntsic friday

Dawson shows off their mediocrity as they fall to fifth place and out of a playoff spot

by Brian Lapuz

Unable to play as a team, Dawson men’s AA basketball team lost 88-74 at Brébeuf on Sunday, bringing them to a 5-5 record on the season.

The Blues, who were coming off an 83-64 win against Ahuntsic last Friday, weren’t able to keep up with Brébeuf’s clearly superior team.

“Ahuntsic was a weaker team; [Brébeuf] was a lot bigger and a lot faster,” said point guard Nathan Kennedy.

The game started with a very aggressive pace as Brébeuf took the early lead, getting their first point only four seconds after the tip-off.

The Blues spent a lot of time on their opponent’s half of the court, but due to their impatience, they were incapable of preventing Brébeuf from gaining momentum.

“We didn’t play as a team; it’s an overall season problem. It’s definitely a big learning curve,” said Blues head coach Gordon Starck.

Nonetheless, Dawson still had some impressive moments while tightening their defense and tying the game 21-21 early in the second quarter. By the end of the game, both Kennedy and fellow guard Philippe Charlebois combined for nine steals and nine rebounds.

In the third quarter, the Blues had lost the momentum they had during the second quarter. This gave Brébeuf a chance to gain a 10-point lead over the Blues. The quarter concluded with a score of 64-54 for Brébeuf.

“We weren’t able to set up the plays our coach gave us,” said Charlebois

In the fourth quarter, Dawson’s players were clearly frustrated, which resulted in Dawson committing a lot of unnecessary fouls, which gave Brébeuf a number of avoidable free throws. This proved to be detrimental for Dawson, seeing as how Brébeuf hit 72% of their foul shots, and ended up winning the game 88-74.

The Blues were more than aware of their weaknesses on the court.

“We need to pass the ball and to stop being selfish,” said Kennedy

“We have the players to win the league, but we play a very individual game,” said Starck. “We will most likely make the playoffs.”

The Blues will be play their next game at home, on Sunday against Outaouais.


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