4th and Long

by Sean Tepper

The San Antonio Spurs are attempting to have George Hill’s nude pictures removed from thedirty.com. The Spur’s lawyers demanded that the website permanently remove the picture that the backup guard snapped of himself with his cell phone. A lawyer from TheDirty says that they have every right to post photos of celebrities making idiots of themselves.  Plus, taking down the pictures won’t change the fact that Hill is stupid.  TheDirty’s lawyer also said that the Spurs’ moronic attempt to remove the nudi photos has been even more publicized due to their attempt to get rid of them. Because honestly who has ever heard of George Hill?


Not a big deal or anything but Bob Gainey resigned as General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens on Monday.


Las Vegas has already released the odds on who will win next season’s Super Bowl. The hapless St. Louis Rams have the worse odds at 150-1. The Rams are right behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Kansas City Chiefs, and the Montreal Alouettes


Nerds rejoice for there is hope! In Littleton, Columbus, Dakota Ridge High School senior Conner Cordova has done what all of us insecure teenage boys have had wet dreams of doing. Bringing a supermodel to prom. Cordova posted a bunch of humiliating videos on YouTube, pleading to get Maxim Pinup model Arianny Celeste to go with him to his prom.  A few weeks after the videos went up; the Celeste actually accepted his invitation and will go to the Cordova’s prom as his date. Take that you jocks.


Leave it to Lane Kiffin to get a 13-year-old quarterback to sign a letter of intent with the University of Southern California. There must be a recruiting violation in there somewhere.


Like 90% of the Habs, Benoit Pouliot and Marc Andre Bergeron will be spending some extended time on the IR. The Habs have asked the NHL if the team’s medical bill would be counted towards their salary cap.

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