gallery review by Laura Imperiale

On February 3 Dawson College’s Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery hosted a Vernissage to showcase both graduate and current student’s original artworks.

 Out of 30 sponsored artworks, 17 original pieces we’re exhibited in the Vernissage.

 Creative projects submitted came from students various programs like Cinema Video Communications, Fine Arts, Illustration and Design and Mechanical Engineering students and lots more. 

Projects exemplified all aspects of art ranging from paintings, videos, sculptures, photography and drawings. 

The Gallery was packed with students, teachers and administrators within 15 minutes of its opening. Vernissage organizers Giuseppe Di Leo mentioned how much time and work he and other coordinators put into the exhibit.

“I literally gave blood [for this event]” said Di Leo, who had sustained an injury to his finger while moving a couple of pieces of artwork and furniture.

Dean of Instructional Development Barbara Freedman sees this exhibit as promoting teamwork how it is meant to “show partnership [and a way to show] how the projects promote student success,” she said. 

The welcoming environment made the visit to the Gallery more pleasant as assistant organizers like Tina Romeo would answer any questions anyone had about the exhibit. The delicious wine and variety of cheeses served also made the visit that much more enjoyable. Most visitors seemed impressed with the art works they were looking at, with some more mesmerized then others. 

 “Everything you see here is the fruit of work” said Academic Dean Robert Kavanah at his opening speech expressing how wonderful the Student Success plan is.     

 Illustration and Design graduate Alex Kasyana who had a couple of his artworks displayed at the exhibit has come back to Dawson to help out students with their drawing skills.

“I feel like I can offer a realistic approach to drawing” said Kasyan who added, “I’m inspired by the 19th Century European Academic Artists.”

Kasyan spoke about one of his more recent drawings, “Ethan” which he produced in 2009. He mentions how about a total of 65 hours had been dedicated to that drawing. 

 The exhibit at the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery is a good one. It is an exhibit celebrating the successes of hard working, creative staff and students and the vernissage did a good job of showing off the talent of Dawson students.


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