The Disaster Corner


by Elayne Millar

Fire in South African orphanage 
Tuesday, February 9 2010

A South African orphanage went up in flames on Tuesday night killing at least 15 people, eight of whom were children between the ages of 2 and 15. Nine other people were injured. It took authorities eight hours to extinguish the fire which was thought to be caused by a gas explosion or an electric short in the building.

Avalanche in Afghanistan
Monday, February 8 2010

A total of 150 bodies were discovered on Wednesday after a series of avalanches covered a mountain pass in the Parwan province of northern Afghanistan. The Salang pass was hit on Monday leaving 100 people wounded as well as 13 vehicles buried in the snow for three days before being rescued by the Afghan National Army.

Floods in Mexico
Monday, February 8 2010

Mexico was devastated by floods this past week, 33 people died, 83 are still missing and thousands left homeless. The floods killed 22 people in Mexico’s Michoacán state and forced schools many schools to close.


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