Passovah turns two

Shapes and Sizes and The Luyas perform during anniversary event

by Elayne Millar

Passovah Productions, a music promotion and production company founded by Dawson’s own Liberal Arts students Noah Bick, David Mitchell and Nick Shulman, celebrated its second anniversary on Saturday night with an indie show at Il Motore, which featured two Montreal based bands: Shapes and Sizes and The Luyas. 

The show began with performance by Shapes and Sizes, a band made up of a group of people one would never think to put together. Even though their appearance may have been confusing to some, due to the band members’ obvious difference in age, their music was enjoyable enough to put vanity aside for twenty minutes. The band played songs from their albums Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner as well as some of their newer ones. The crowd of vintage sweaters, thick rimmed glasses, and flannel shirts nodded their heads slightly to the bands electric sound, which raged from soft ballots to rock songs.

“Shapes and Sizes, a band who we have worked with many times, have yet to let us down. [Tonight] they delivered a fresh and new funky set,” Bick said.

Shapes and Sizes’ set was followed by a performance by The Luyas, who were welcomed by the audience by light cheers and applause. The crowd around the small Il Motore stage grew bigger and the bar flies managed to avert their attention to the six man band armed with unique instruments such as a moodswinger (which looks like some kind of modern harpsichord), a french horn, and a violin. The Luyas, who can be best described as an instrumental version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played an amazing set even though their lead singer Jessie Stein sang with a soar throat. Depite Stein’s scratchy voice, the band received great reviews from the audience.

“[The Luyas] are blowing up, and [tonight’s show] was a great example of the incredible show they can put on even though Jessie was singing with a fucked up voice she sang really well,” said Bick.

“I had a great time! It’s nice that Noah brings in young crowds. It was really great to see alot of people at that show… Especially since these days people have become less interested in seeing smaller bands play live” said 4th semester liberal arts student, Eli Libman.

With a crowd made up of Dawson’s indiest indie kids, Passovah’s second anniversary was a great success. 

“Congratulations to Passovah for being able to book consistently solid shows after only two years running,” said 4th semester C.A.L.L student, Ana Howe-Bukowski.


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