Introducing Mr. Perron

New Executive Director is “awesome,” say students

by Brian Lapuz

Already a couple of weeks into the semester the presence of Mathieu Perron, the newly hired Executive Director of the Dawson Student Union (DSU), is well received.
The change follows the resignation of Margo Dunnet, former DSU Executive Director, at the end of last semester. 
The DSU Executives hired Perron who came into office December 10, 2009 and will be responsible for counseling the elected executives on events, campaigns and finances.
“I’m glad Mathieu can fill the voids we had with Margo,” said Carl Perks, President of the DSU. “He definitely has a different point of view than Margo, which is refreshing for the Executive.”
According to Perks, both Dunnet and Perron have their strengths in their respective fields.
Perron was the DSU Club Coordinator from 2008 to 2009 and has been involved in the student movement many times. The new Executive Director also worked for the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), before returning to Dawson.
To Pierre-Luc Lapointe, President of the Science Fiction & Fantasy club, it’s good for the DSU that Perron has past experience with the clubs.
“You can approach Mathieu. Margo on the other hand would lie repeatedly,” said Lapointe. “Mathieu is good with people, he knows how to respond to hostility and he is not tense like Margo.”
“I was an executive at the Concordia Student Union,” said Perron. “I’ve worked with the Quebec Federation of University Students (FEUQ), the Canadian Federation of Students and indirectly with the Association pour une Solidarite Syndicale Etudiante.”
“I’ve worked with Eco-Quartier, WUSC and I attended various environmental rallies,” Perron said.
“We posted ads a bit everywhere and we had a lot of CVs,” said Perks. “Mathieu knew the DSU very well and was very resourceful.”
The DSU Hiring Committee interviewed ten people out of many applicants for the position and finally chose Perron.

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