Finding love in still life

New exhibit explores the phenomenon of men who fall in love with erotic sex dolls

by Audrey Nolin-Sotiriadis

Photographer Jean-François Bouchard, founder of Sid Lee Communications, explores a new form of sexual and emotional interaction through a series of massive photographs displaying realistic erotic doll faces and quotes from doll owners until March 13 at Gallery SAS.

STILL LIFE is a personal project of Mr. Bouchard that seeks to demonstrate a new form of emotional interaction adopted by an increasing number of men in our society. It sheds light on a marginalized group of men who maintain relationships with these life-sized erotic dolls that for some, go beyond sexuality.

“If people want a real “relationship” full of drama, control, and pseudo emotions, then fine, let them have it. I’ll stick with dolls mainly because I find real women to be a waste of time”. (Person 7)

The exhibition has been set up in three white rooms where the viewers can observe these shocking and provocative sex doll portraits. Each photograph is accompanied by a quote obtained from 12 different doll owners. This emphasizes the credibility of this “parallel culture” and gives the exhibition a journalistic touch.

“I don’t want to be seen as a pervert. The church next door has a program for people addicted to sex. They become addicted to Jesus instead. I’m going tomorrow.” (Michael)

Bouchard is inspired by the erotic doll phenomena and their owners who are increasing in numbers. His over-sized images and their respective testimonials explore this reality and the complex relationships that these men have with their latex replicas of women. He is interested in demonstrating these different and sometimes startling relationships to shock and maybe even disturb the viewers.

“Dolls will dress however you like them. Dolls will not divorce you. You will not get AIDS from a doll. A doll will never cheat on you. You will never have to pay a child support to a doll.” (Winston Smith)

Through a series of twelve same sized photographs of sex dolls and quotes, Bouchard is able to introduce a fascinating phenomenon where men find comfort, companionship and sexual pleasure with these stunning life-like replicas of women.
“When she returns (from repairs), it will pretty much be like a second honeymoon.” (Davecat)

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