Eyes on the DSU


by Alison Henstridge 


The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held their second weekly meeting last Wednesday in room 8A.6 to discuss the possibility of a new organization, as well as club spaces and events.

The meeting began as guest speaker Phillip Lafrance, President of the Student World Outreach organization, outlined his goal to send 15 students from seven CEGEPs on a free stage to a developing country courtesy of an extra dollar which will be added to the yearly student fees.

“One dollar per student is a lot,” said VP External, Natasha Caminski. The organization, on top of sending four Dawson students, would send materials twice a year to the students involved to inform and help.

“We want kids from college to see and help,” Lafrance said.

Another issue that needed to be discussed was the use of Oliver’s in the 2C hallway as a paper organization room for the following weeks, rather than keeping it open as a student space.

“I’m going to bring a nightmare to the administration,” said Executive Secretary Christopher Monette. “It is a very weak reason to take away student space, there are plenty of [other] rooms.”

In the beginning of the new semester, clubs were being relocated and moved around to appease other clubs. With limited club space the DSU decided to keep clubs where they originally were.

“No one will be moved because it will make too many people unhappy,” said Perks.

The DSU is also taking action to ban the sale of water bottles on campus as well as organizing an event called “Locks of Love,” where students could have their hair cut to donate to charity.

“I will get my hair cut,” Executive Director Mathieu Murphy-Perron said.

The Student Union is also planning a task force campaign against racism and segregation inside the college, which has recently seen students file complaints to security about being racially profiled. With the campaign they hope that the administration will give different names to the cafeterias around the school.

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