Exposure’s BOTB

concert review by Ashley Couillard

On February 6 and 7 Exposure was held at Club Soda. Exposure is a way to let amateur bands get noticed in the Montreal music scene.

It is a multi genre competition that allows any band to step up from practicing in their garages to playing on stage in front of a crowd. “The show was awesome and a really good experience for us” Ryan Mattigetz, guitarist for For Every Season said. Mattigetz is a 2nd semester Visual Arts student here at Dawson College.

Throughout the show, different style bands expressed themselves through heavy metal, rock, punk and pop. One band even decided to play a rock version of “Let it rock” by Kevin Rudolph. Musicians were allowed to play anything they wanted, but at their own risk. Their only restriction was the 30 minute time slot they were given. Once those 30 minutes were up, the lights went on in the venue and the stage lights turned off.

Even though the place was not packed, the crowd was still entertaining. The crowd got more lively as the bands got heavier. The more metal, head banging bands were that performed, the bigger and louder the crowd got.

As some bands were good, other’s were not and they were noticeable. Some bands sang as if they were talking to someone and did not put much of an effort into their performance, which cooled down the audience. Others were able to win over the crowd with power ballads and catchy tunes leaving people with their songs stuck in their head until the next band performed.

Each band ended their show by giving out their MySpace or their Facebook which in this day and age is a great way to put themselves out there and get noticed, which was the case for Mattigetz,

“We chose to enter this competition because we wanted to win some recording time and for a chance to play at Club Soda because it’s epic” he said.

The atmosphere was really comfortable, there were couches, chairs tables and benches for people to sit on. It was a small place for amateur bands to play but had a friendly feel to it. 

Overall, the quality of the performances were mixed. The bands had a lot of fun on stage jamming out.


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