Everlea & friends take l’Inco

concert review by Audrey Meubus


A promising line-up including Ontario band Everlea put on a memorable show at café l’Inconditionnel last Saturday night.

Known for encouraging the local Metal scene, Café L’inconditionnel offered this “lighter” show to appeal to a different kind of crowd. The first half of the show consisted mainly of acoustic acts, starting off the night with a duo called When We Were Dead. As they played their static, slow paced songs, the audience simply stood around and looked miserable.

After a dreary start, the next two acts Jesse B and By Polar, This Order used their comedic slants to liven up the atmosphere. Mike Carrozza, sole member of By Polar, This Order, invited the crowd to sit down, gather around and sing along to his sometimes vulgar but hilarious songs.

Even though he only had fifteen minutes to perform, Carrozza did not disappoint, jumping from his serious, vocally impressive songs like “Contortionist” to a spontaneous song about a hole in the crotch of his jeans.

 “I kinda had to make you guys smile” he said, when asked about his comedic approach, “Sometimes I say I’m a stand up comedian, but really I’m just that loud guy at a party.”

Next up was The Panda Attack, another impressive one man act with Matthew McAllister, an 18 year old McGill student with a very organic vocal style that reminds of bands like Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens and Gregory and the Hawk. It is without a doubt that The Panda Attack could be the next local gem to make it big. “I put the Panda Attack together as a joke at first […] It’s sort of serious, but not there yet.”

Next up was Modern Ghost, re-establishing a more ‘rock’ atmosphere with generic ‘teen angst’ songs like “Cliffhanger”. The audience was now riled up in time for the highly anticipated Lifestory Monologue from Guelph, Ontario. With songs like “Wolves Behind Me” and “Dancing and Kisses”, Lifestory played through an emotional and energetic act.  

“Lifestory Monologue can only be described as an experience” Carrozza said.

Finally, Everlea took the stage. As always, they delivered a solid performance, despite several technical difficulties and did not disappoint their patient fans.

With such an eclectic mix of bands, the show was a success. Once again, L’inconditionnel offered a great show and allowed local bands a chance to shine.


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