La Roux plays tight Metropolis set

by Katrina Caruso

Elly Jackson, lead vocalist of British Electro-pop sensation La Roux, knocked Metropolis off its socks on Friday, February 5.

The David Bowie-inspired singer is best known for her kaleidoscope style, shrill voice and the infamous ginger-rooted faux-hawk. La Roux played in Montreal last August at the Osheaga festival, to a much smaller crowd. Since then, the group has become extremely popular for their chart-topping single “Bulletproof”, and sold out Metropolis. The band is also comprised of William Bowerman (drums), Mickey O’Brien (keyboards/back vocals) and Michael Norris (keyboards/computer).

La Roux started the night with intensity, to the catchy tune, Tigerlily. Jackson was a vision in a multi-patterned blazer, a silver sequined top, and skinny jeans. Chelsea Timotheatos, a first year Concordia student, said, “[Jackson] is so weird, but in the best possible way.”

Jackson’s performance was strong, though her vocals were not. In songs such as Quicksand her voice was weak, lacking those insane high notes from the record. However, she was able to regain herself in the slower song, Cover my eyes  which was sung so sweetly and showed a more vulnerable side to Jackson. In for the Kill, her first single, and Fascination were definite crowd pleasers.

 For her encore, Jackson came out in a gold, sequined vest and sang the song that everyone came for, “Bulletproof”. Andrew Gulik, an International Business student at Dawson, enjoyed the show, saying, “Good atmosphere, good crowd, good beats!”
La Roux has been dissed before for their extremely short sets. Halfway through the show, Jackson apologized for this. She explained that they only have one record; they prefer to play good stuff rather than all the songs they’ve ever written. As pre-empted, the entire set was short. The opening act, Yes Giantess, played for half an hour. After an intermission, La Roux emerged in a cloud of smoke and a frenzy of lights, and played for 45 minutes.

However, the show did not disappoint. As mentioned, there were some shaky vocals on Jackson’s part, and she looked slightly tired towards the end. However, this did not faze the crowd, as all seemed to be in pretty good spirits. How could you not dance along, when Jackson seems to take her surname to heart and groove à la Michael Jackson. “Her energy on stage is contagious, I couldn’t stop dancing. By far one of her best shows!” said Ashley Oh, a fourth semester Fine Arts student.

The opening act was Yes Giantess, a Bostonian band which sounded like a mix of Owl City and crap. The guys were cute, head-banging to their power-pop beats, but the lead singer sounded like his skinny jeans were too tight. Their first song was cute, catchy and seemed promising, but ended up being repetitive. All the songs sounded the same after a while.  

There was no merchandise being sold at the venue, except for an ugly grey “Yes Giantess” T-shirt.

If you’re sad you missed the show, La Roux will most probably be back. Hopefully, next time they come stronger and with more material (and merchandise for you die-hards). 


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