Zodiac on trial

by Christopher Sammons

People tend to hate those born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 22. Their fucking laser beam mental focus, straightforward directedness, and critical assessment really throw people off. Hey, don’t ask a Scorpio if you don’t want the unvarnished truth. There is no sugar coating here whatsoever. 

Everything you say can offend them and hurt them in ways deeper then imagined. In no time at all they’ll come after you in revenge. This IS the sign about grudges, revenge, and sex. They are sex machines. Seriously…  

People fear how highly intuitive they are, knowing that you’re hiding something instinctively by staring at you with those uncomfortable penetrating eyes. They just know. Don’t question it. Its psychic to you, but it’s natural to them. In romance, they will be completely obsessive and possessive about you, demanding loyalty as they are highly loyal individuals in love. They’ll instinctively know what you need and want, but this also leads to them picking up on the imperfections in the relationship so don’t be surprised when they zero in and start asking probing questions. They’ll know if you’re hiding something like I said before. 

Despite the fact that they’ll be obsessive and possessive about you with an urge to merge not only in sex but in every day life, expect a fiercely private and deeply feeling partner indeed. They’ll probably be fiercely self reliant, looking to themselves for answers, and will almost never go to others for advice. They prefer being alone or with a small group of friends and will not be found flitting around the water cooler at work, for they consider this a complete waste of time. If you turn to them for sympathy, they’ll just tell you to pick yourself up and get on with life… unless you really can’t. 

Wake up slap for the Scorpio republic: You scare people. You need to loosen up. Try and control your emotions and don’t try and destroy someone because they did something to you. Be in control. Be more diplomatic. Learn from your Libra brothers. You may use your head a lot, seeing a lot of interesting intelligence and philosophy in your life, but you act with your emotions. Don’t. Act reasonably with your mind, even if your gut feeling is pretty much always accurate. You may have been scared your whole life, and you may have an ugly shell, but crawl out and open yourself up a little more despite the fact that you feel so angry and see life as unfair and something you have to cut through, including people. Get off the depression express. Let things be and you’ll find your happiness. Also, you are the biggest sceptic you could ever find in the zodiac so that’s why my personal advice to you is probably unwanted but believe me, you need TO pick yourself up and get on with it. 
Until next time,
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