Warming up to Igloofest

festival review by Tanya Boyce

Those who attended this year’s Igloofest know that their feet weren’t tingling from the cold but from the hard hitting beats of the freshest DJs blasting from one of Montreal’s best outdoor sound systems in the Old Port. Courtesy of the four gentlemen founding the notorious Sunday afternoons of Piknic Électronik: Michel Quintal, Nicolas Cournoyer, Louis-David Loyer and Pascal Lefebvre; Igloofest has successfully wrapped up their fourth year of promoting numerous genres of electronic music.

Those who did not attend this years incarnaton of Igloofest, missed out on nine nights of meticulously harmonized clamor, crowds of lively people wearing snow gear and ridiculous neon colored jumpsuits, a wicked snow covered dance floor, kaleidoscopic visuals, and igloo themed architecture. 

This year the subzero outdoor party expanded featuring the finest national and international DJs. With a drink in one hand most people fist pumped with the other to the hybrid house beats of Jesse Rose from the UK, the condensed basslines of Robert Babicz from Germany, the American duo La Riots and their electro house vibes. Canada’s very own MightyKat and her upbeat yet sophisticated styles, the German duo M.A.N.D.Y’s fusion of techno flamenco, and the heavy bass bombs dropped by adroit UK dubstep producer and DJ Rusko.

This year’s impressive DJ lineup attracted larger crowds forcing security to be tighter than previous years. Chuck Aubry, who has worked at Igloofest for the past three years, said that this year they were working with Red Cross for safety precautions.

“There are better DJ’s now and it’s gotten a lot more crowded,” said Aubry who explained,“A lot more people dancing out. A lot more abusive than before.”

Throughout the festival, various styles of electronic music were exhibited, some of which were accompanied with aggressive dance movements. Contrary to liquid dancing, often found in the rave scene, Igloofest’s DJs spun tracks that are affiliated with harsher movements on the dance floor. Anything with a dirty bass or rigorous beat was responded with c-walking, twostepping, jumping and stomping.

For most of the festival, this January’s considerably pleasant weather has contributed to the increase in attendants. Last Friday and Saturday, however, the temperature plummeted below negative 30 with the wind-chill. Despite the brutal coldness, crowds of partygoers gathered for the last weekend of winter insanity. Igloofest has without doubt proven to be one of Montreal’s best winter events and next year seems to hold promises of only getting better. Along the banks of the St. Lawrence, thousands of enthused electronic music junkies will continue to huddle like penguins parading flashy winter wear and struggle against the winter sting to revel in exquisite bass driven beats.


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