Some fine art for Haiti

The Fine Arts department donates paintings for Haiti

by Carl Perks

On Monday, February 1, at noon, Dawson’s Fine Arts department hosted a fundraiser in the 2G wing to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Both students and faculty of the Fine Arts department were invited to donate their artwork to the cause, where people could then buy $40 tickets that would give them access to a draw that took place on February 2. Winners would then get to pick a piece of art in the order that their name was drawn.

All the proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross.

The project, headed by Lorraine Simms, the chair of the Fine Arts department has amassed a little over $2,000 and the government has agreed to pitch in and double the amount earned by the fundraiser.

The artwork was arranged on the wall next to 2G.4 for a period of two days.

“Time is of the essence,” said Simms. “We can’t take two weeks to do this, people in Haiti need help now.” The ticket-buying period was only two days, Simms explained.

Simms had the idea from Michael Smith, the co-chair of the Fine Arts department.

“What a fantastic idea,” said Simms. “It would be very fair if everyone who bought a ticket would get an artwork. Everybody wins.”

A gallery in Toronto where five artists recently donated their work for an auction where the money amassed was sent to Doctors Without Borders inspired Smith for the event at Dawson.

“What’s really great is that the faculty and the students are in it together,” Smith said.

The names of the artists were only revealed after the artworks had been given out, leaving the buyer to their appreciation of the artwork more than their knowledge of the artists.

“You don’t really know if it’s faculty or students, so you have to learn to be a collector,” Smith said.

photo: Carl Perks


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